Fazal Khaishgi

Fazal Khaishgi, Chief Operating Officer

Fazal is a savvy operator with over 10 years of proven success in operating and scaling high growth e-commerce and SaaS businesses. He was the among the first 5 employees at Buytopia.ca, an EMERGE Commerce Ltd. Company, where he helped pioneer a unique marketing strategy, leveraging traditional media and digital assets to obtain the lowest cost of customer acquisition, and in the process, helping Buytopia rank #3 profit HOT 50, 2013.

Fazal co-led the development of SnapSaves (sold to Groupon in 2014), a disruptive mobile couponing platform enabling CPG companies to target consumers directly, bypassing retailers and collecting valuable data. Fazal successfully concluded the sale of Buytopia.ca to EMERGE Commerce Ltd and joined the management team to lead operations. Fazal is deeply passionate about building sustainable e-commerce by leveraging innovative technology and achieving critical scale through M&A and cost-effective digital marketing. Fazal holds a BA Hons from University of Toronto (St. George) in Economics.